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We combine the beauty of ornamental metal design with function and utility... a perfect balance that achieves incredible results.

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“Working with Rich at Sheet Metal Specialties makes my life easier. They have innovative options for me that surpass even what I had in my mind for a project.

I am able to show photos, inspirations, etc. and they nail it. I cannot help but mention the custom polished nickel hood we did for a very important client. They simply gave me great attention as we narrowed down the design. I appreciated the improved design I received due to their involvement.

Love their service and their deliverables.”

—Anne, Marie Barton, AMB Design

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“Sheet Metal Specialties, and specifically Rich Guevara, has been a great resource for our firm over the past ten years. In addition to providing an excellent product, Rich provides top notch service and expertise. He is extremely knowledgeable, insightful and great to work with. Rich has always been willing to field questions regarding a design’s feasibility, cost and detailing. I like bringing Rich in early to the design process where he can weigh in on a design’s constructability and cost effectiveness.

On a recent project our client cut the budget drastically. We met with Rich and brainstormed on ways we could reduce costs and simplify the design. We were able to deliver a simpler but excellent product on time and within budget, thanks in large part to Rich’s collaboration.

Sheet Metal Specialties does excellent work. When a bid comes in where Sheet Metal Specialties has been awarded the project, we are delighted knowing the workmanship will be of the highest quality.”

—Eric Madsen